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Quotes about Sport

If he got a black eye, he must have done it himself. Harvey Smith British show jumper, on being accused of assault, Sept 1993.

He's a well-balanced athlete. He's got a chip on both shoulders. Derek Redmond 400-metre runner, on runner Linford Christie, Aug 1993.

We train hard, but we also believe in our special foods like pasta, risotto, and good red wine. Maurilio De Zolt Italian cross-country skier, explaining an Italian victory over Norway in the Winter Olympics, March 1994.

I don't understand why they run, run, run. They never change their speed. They go, go, go. They lose the ball. The ball comes back at them. They go, go, go again. They lose the ball. The ball comes back at them. Pele Brazilian soccer player, on English football, June 1995.

The body's good, but the heart is tired. Martina Navratilova Czech-born US tennis player, on retiring, Nov 1994.

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